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Professor Ayaz Isazadeh
University President

Who are we?

We are a small school, but do not intend to stay small. We have large and ambitious plans.


The mission of UCD is to educate and train students in the their field of studies, as qualified professionals . UCD intend to also raise students’ consciousness to follow recent advances in their field of studies and thereby contribute to their field of studies. Furthermore, UCD intend to raise students’ consciousness to love their field of study and enjoy the process of “learning and doing research,” independent of the outcome. In this regard, UCD has its own culture, presented below.


As UCD aims to be a world-famous university in all various areas of science, technology, and engineering, it is our vision to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education and to encourage innovative research, expanding human knowledge of the universe around. Yes, we have large and ambitious plans. To start with, we adopted the “CS Culture” as our way of life, unanimously by over 100 faculty and other members of UCD.

Here is the CsCulture (CS stands for Crystalline Society):

Declaration of CS Culture

  1. Light: With open minds and enlightened hearts, we are crystal clear in our thoughts, words, and actions.
  2. Honesty: Starting with open minds and enlightened hearts, we live honestly. Honesty in all aspects is our way of life.
  3. Love: Passionately in love with our work and our society, all we do is with love and for love. There is no room for hatred in our lives.
  4. Dynamism: Our dynamic thoughts in study, research and all other daily activities are continuously leading our society towards progress and perfection.
  5. Identity: Proud of what and who we are, enthusiastically we support and share the feelings of each other in happiness and sorrow. We are proud of our integrity.
  6. Work: In every stage of our lives, we have goals and processes to achieve them. We all like achieving our goals, but we love the process; we enjoy and live the process.
  7. Courage: There is no room for lie, duplicity, deception, perversion, and hatred in our culture. Dynamically thinking, proudly supporting each other, and passionately in love with the processes of our daily activities, we have nothing to fear. Bravery is, indeed, a natural characteristic of our culture.

Presented by Prof. Ayaz Isazadeh and approved, on 2 May 2017, by over 100 faculty and other members of UCD