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English Translation

According to the values of the society and the overall view toward humanities, the field of English Translation has been established in the University College of Daneshvaran by taking multiple objectives into account: acquiring the four English language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing), getting acquainted with English literature, and helping to develop students’ literary skills. The objectives of the English Translation Department include: training English teachers who can teach English in high schools and language schools, making the students familiar with the translation by focusing on introducing the translation theories and training them to start practical translation through several courses, such as translation of Islamic and literary prose and poetry and by reading the English and American literary works, they are eligible to continue their studies in the field of creative writing.

Degree Programs and Courses

B.A. Program Undergraduate students are required to complete 136 credit hours within 8 semesters of enrolment toward the degree.

M.A. Program The major aim of this program is to train students to teach different English language courses at universities and institutions of higher education and meet the needs of society. The number of credit hours required to earn the Master's degree is 32 (28 theoretical credits and 4 thesis credits).